Nick Bellotti III, Bloomfield

Nick Riback was the name he gave me. I dated him in 2012. He acted like a good guy but was a man whore, dating and sleeping with whoever would take him. Come to read more posts bout him and find out he was a Catholic priest from Newark New Jersey for at least 4 years. He was homosexual as well. I kind of figured that because he never liked head from a girl. I thought he was molested but it could be both. He cheats and lies constantly. Can stop himself. He is gross and may have diseases . He is really NOT good in bed either that is the funny thing. I heard after all these years he still is living with mommy and daddy. based on other profiles I see online. He can’t seem to hold any job too long and he still has no friends. All signs of deep mental illness. Do touch this one at all.


  1. What the Hell? Oh yeah.. He is going to Hell What the Hell? Oh yeah.. He is going to Hell
    March 2, 2016    

    I can’t get over how many websites this guy is on now! Remember Ladies…. He will act like he found his soul mate in you! He will smother you to the point it is exhausting. He will flatter you with all sorts of compliments. He will be affectionate and he loves PDA. You will notice how immature by nature he is. He is always broke or using credit cards. He has no real money in the bank because he impulsively spends. He has a Borderline Personality Disorder but he has other mental illnesses as well. Eating disorders, gambling addictions, sex addictions, anxieties and depression. He will keep his phone on silent so you don’t see all his affairs. Some are emotional some are physical. He will lie about his some of his ex girlfriends saying they are the ones with the anger issues and He will actually make up lies saying they go clubbing all the time, drink often and do drugs when none of it is true. He will talk disparagingly about other saying they are below average looking, fat and that they have gross bodies and no personality. Which is funny because he is the one with the personality disorder.

    He will have his mom fight his battles for him because he can’t man up and own his own shit at 35. He used the Catholic Church which is such a deep mortal Sin and so disgusting! He goes through bouts of binge eating episodes where the freak will gain 40 pounds in 4 to 6 months. Then starts to starve himself to lose the weight. He has bad outburst and really crazy rage problems! He can’t control his own emotions at 35 and then will blame you for causing him to feel and act that way! News Flash Nick no one makes anyone act any certain way! You do it on your own! He is a borderline so he will always be looking for the negative in anything you say, even if it is not negative! He will view it that way. He has huge anger issues and unresolved grief from childhood! Things could be going fine and then he will freak out! HE is SUPER CRAZY!!!! His emotionally broken to say the least. He is not a good lover, He is completely selfish and cheap and a failure in every sense of the word. HE is conceited and self centered and is only concerned about his wants and needs. He is a user and will always be this way. He has chronic lying problems and plays the victim. He is paranoid and delusional. He will live the life that meant to have! Miserable and lonely! He will never find anyone to fill that emptiness and loneliness and boredom that is inside of him.

  2. The Truth will set you Free The Truth will set you Free
    March 13, 2016    

    The way nick talks about his ex’s are disgusting and in no way the TRUTH! He will lie and say horrible things! Blames them for his behaviors and never takes accountability for any of the mess that is his life. But just wait. Water seeks its own level. This snake’s rages, outbursts, selfishness, entitlement and bullying will come out. And it won’t take that long to surface! I’ve talked to some of these women and they are very good people that were taken advantage of by this fraud! His one ex he was dating behind my back for the whole summer is an amazing girl! Beautiful, smart, funny and sweet and none of the things he said were remotely true! Who the hell is he anyway? His body was nothing to write home about. His ability to perform sexually definitely wasn’t either! And his personality … Well let’s just say it is broken like him! He is so immature and has nothing to offer and nothing to bring to the table. Maybe if he was in high school he would be ok to date but he is 35 ……

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