This Editor has been harassing a lifetime friend of mine. Not just my friend but also involving children. Truly disgusting. Nicole has created this sob story but is leaving out she is the one that just this past weekend was harassing my friend pretending she was a news reporter. The authorities have been notified as I am now taking over! My friend has sat quiet for to long. Nicole is leaving out the truth on her less than medicore blogs, she was with cousin one, engaged to cousin one, sleeping with cousin one, then met cousin two that had more to offer so she began having an affair with the cousin two, and oops got pregnant. Yes blood relatives folks. Nicole is the one obsessed still after many years with my friend so much that my friend had to change a cell number that has been the same number for decades with zero issues. Nicole is the one that started posting on these less than reputable websites and then reaching out to family members so much that I personally read her oops I drank a bit to much wine that night can we be friends bs. This is a sick woman that is clearly jealous and obsessed with someone that number one does not want her baby daddy, and she is so obessed she befriended my friend’s estranged family members and aquaitances that mind you my friend has had no contact with in YEARS because of the drama and lies. This poor Editor Nicole has bullied my friend for long enough and now with all my experience I will be having the authorities handle this. Nicole’s husband knows me well. He and his Mexican friendly workers performed several jobs at our home yes for cash to add to her side hustle. He loved my chocolate chip cookies so much that will refresh his memory. Nicole please stop the harassment. All of the pings from all of your personal and work devices clearly show the endless hours you spend stalking and harassing my friend. So much that you even tried to obtain medical records, as you love to downplay a situation you know your husband witnessed. Truly disgusting. Please move on because I can assure you I am not as nice as my friend and I mean business. The law will take over and you know all of your side hustles will come to a head. You would not want to lose all of that cash side money from your hubby’s illegal workers would you? I did not think so. I am proudly retired and can sit and play your game all day Nicole. The reporter thing was a bit much though maybe you forget your meds this weekend or was it that wine again? Your hubby himself is on audio saying you do that when you get white girl wine wasted.