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Malorie Mank, Kansas

Dated this girl for 2 years then out of nowhere she starts getting super shady and runs off with a mutual friend

John Wender – New York City Arc...

NYC Architect John Wender – abusive narcissist, sociopath and pathological liar. Be aware that he is a very convincing liar. It can be hard to recognize a narcissist — they are SO charming and convincing! They spend their whole lives honing their skills. He is in fact a sick and emotionally very dangerous person. He […]

DUI Whore

A DUI WHORE! Yep this one of her MUG SHOT!

John Henry Wade, Tiffany Rainwater, D...

Mine wasMine was a smotherer and I was supportive and there for him all the time because I thought he needed that so would stop his panicking and build trust and confidence in him & that seemed to work in a way too and we seemed very happy and I trusted him and then the […]

Christopher Drew, Nashua, New Hampshi...

Liar, cheater, owes $27,000 back child support, has no relationship with either of his children, hard drug user, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!! This man tells every woman he’s with that she is the love of his life, but really she is the “love of his life” for now. He will leave when something tastier comes along, […]

Art Danner in Scotts Valley, CA

Beware if this man! Art Danner is a manipulative narcissistic pathological liar! He is abusive and he steals money from the companies he works for. Embezzler! He is married to a mail order from Philippines Leila Danner who is the most stupidest person on this planet. Art cheats with multiple women and his wife is […]

Jennifer Conover Fake/Fraud, North Ca...

I Work at the Cape Fear Valley Hospital that this fat sloppy poor excuse for a woman works at. She works for some Contracted company called apoge physicians and their whole staff and team is corrupt. It’s been out in the open that her along with other employees of this company are sleeping with the […]

Heather Trobaugh – Indiana

Heather Trobaugh is a lying cheating skank. She sleeps with men for a little extra cash. She also just found out she has herpes and passed it on to my soon to be ex husband. She loves a challenge so beware!!! She loves married men, she will call your house and find any information about […]

Kristina Leigh Horn Surprise AZ

Totally Full Of Shit! All Lies Lies Lies and she is NOT THE VICTIM nomatter what she says. This whore has had it easy her whole life and has gotten to where she is at by using whoever she can to get everything she wants or needs. Acts like a normal person in the beginning […]

Brett Cobler, nurse, Boise Idaho

Slept with his wifes friend. Tried to sleep with more of them. Has been sleeping with a coworker and is always flirting with and trying to hook up with other coworkers. He is on all the dating sites, POF, Ashley Madison, Match to name a few I have found him on. Frequents the Buffalo Club […]

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