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SALLY TALLANT of Al Ain, UAE, Other Cheater

SALLY TALLANT of Al Ain, UAE, Other Cheater has been reported as a cheater and is now a resident of Cheater Land. Is SALLY TALLANT of Al Ain, UAE, Other Cheater really a cheater? Read the report and make up you own mind! She is an English Teacher teaching in the Gulf Countries, taught in Saudi Arabia, Oman and currently in Al Ain UAE. She flirts mostly with married men. Once she befriends the men she throws herself to them. She clearly knows the man is married and yet she still manage to squeeze her way. She even knows the wife since all of them are working in the same University before. She wants the men to like her, she immediately gives them a good sucking. Sally Tallant is close to menopausal and yet still a flirt. 50 yrs. old plus but still a whore. Imagine an immoral teacher. She left the other place and move to nearby country just within the border. She still communicates with the married guy and made sure she is in contact, she wants to feel wanted. She often ask if the guy loves the wife. The guy s response is yes he loves the wife. She was upset and furious. The guy blocked her. She then manages to stalk the wife and sent her photos of the man. She took photos of the guy. She even send naked photos of her just so to make the guy want her. She is obsess and to the point on exposing herself. She said that the married guy cheated on him, huh..she clearly knows what she is getting into and she knows that the guy is very much married. The guy did not promise her anything at all. She even visited the guy last November and flew in for the weekend. The guy told her that they ll just be friends. But she is a sore homewrecker. Delusional and Pathetic whore. She is British but has a house in Mojacar Spain. She s a former flight attendant. English teacher but whoring herself and chasing after married men. And she is proud and arrogant of what she has done. She claims to the guy that she was once very close to one of the Dean s in the University, she was upset when she saw this guy with a prostitute at the mall. This shows clearly that she is indeed targeting married men. She claims she is not to a whore and even called the wife a whore. I think most of the wive s will disagree on that. This old hag Sally Tallant is a vicious animal, no respect and no regard on whom she will hurt. She s not ashamed on being a slut and a whore and a homewrecker. No decency and dignity. She wanted the husband to leave the wife, but the husband does not have any plan for that. She messaged the wife and exposed herself; she really intended to ruin the relationship. Sally Tallant s parents must be proud of their daughter.


  1. John Plowright John Plowright
    December 22, 2016    

    The wife (Roxanne Blancaflor Bahan) is actually the home-wrecker. She met and started seeing her husband when he was married to his first wife. Roxanne has been married for around 7 years, and not 13 years, as she has claimed in many posts. The husband left his first wife for Roxanne Bahnan. Roxanne also knows, and knew at the time, that the lady who this post is about was best friends with her husband, and yet said nothing about it. In fact, she also had a male best friend. Furthermore, she also knows that her husband never actually had sex with the lady in question. Romantic overtures, however, were made from the husband to the lady, and not the other way around. The lady in question does not want to split them up, nor does she contact Roxanne’s husband. In fact, the last time she saw this woman’s husband was December 2015! She 100 percent does not want a relationship with him of any kind, and the wife knows this. However, because the wife seems to be in a lot of pain over her marriage she seems to want to transfer her anger from her husband onto this lady in question. Perhaps she should stop spreading false accusations about this lady and focus on her marriage instead.

    • John Plowright John Plowright
      December 23, 2016    


  2. Chaeiph Syquia Chaeiph Syquia
    July 31, 2017    

    Ohhh SALLY TALLANT, how can be the wife the homewrecker or the cheater when you are the one who slept with her husband. You are the one who sent her half-naked photos you took of her husband. It’s like saying “hey look, I screwed and slept with your husband. So nasty and narcissistic of you, very mean and cruel. Why? Your reason is because you got hurt, you wanted the husband of her to get hurt or feel the pain you are enduring, so you have to message his wife. You wanted to hurt the wife so to get back at her husband. What did the wife do to you on the first place? Why did you get hurt? Because you let yourself be involved and fall in love with a married guy. You clearly know he is married and yet that did not stop you from involving yourself. No one forced you to sleep and fall in love with him. You willingly and gladly slept with a married guy. It was your own free will. You flirted and hanged out with each other right. So you really wanted him just the same. You both should have known better.

    You are a hypocrite and a liar. 100% you don’t what the guy? Then when he said it should stop it and ended it should have. Based on your correspondences you also agreed. But you can’t help it, you have to fly all the way just to see him last end Nov. 2015. You left what Dec.01.2015. He did not contact you after Dec. 2015. You got furious and upset. You messaged him around April or May 2016. You told him that he is a sadist…blah..blah..blah and to delete the naked photos you have sent him. He said he already did, and likewise you said you deleted his photos. You lied, coz July.31.2016 you messaged his wife and sent photos. So why is it necessary for you to contact the wife when you said you moved on? You clearly want to create tension and make problems with the couple. You are a nasty piece of Shit aren’t you. Ohh you did not have SEX? So you mean Oral sex is not sex to you? Making each other come is not sex to you…ahhhhh and for these events you say you don’t want the guy. You made all this trouble coz you don’t want the guy…

    And you know that the guy was more than 3 years separated from his ex-wife before I introduced the couple. He was alone and unattached. He is living alone already. The ex-wife had a boyfriend even when they are still living together. So basically the both went on their separate ways and will the divorce. So the current wife entered his life after 3 years. So she did not wreck anything. She did not hurt no one. Like what you are doing. You better at least be sorry for your sins. You are still proud and arrogant . At least the husband is repenting and sorry for what he has done, he admitted to all his wrong doings and he is paying for it, atoning for it. While you, you still say you did not do anything wrong.

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