Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Shana Henry of Calhoun, Georgia

Shana Henry of Calhoun, Georgia has been reported as a cheater and is now a resident of Cheater Land. Is Shana Henry of Calhoun, Georgia really a cheater? Read the report and make up you own mind! This Georgia peach looks for men who are down and out. She doesn’t care if they are married, and has slept with three married men. She was engaged to a guy in Boston, but left him for a guy that she met at a bar while in Boston visiting. She is in only interested in boosting her own ego and getting your money guys. Once she has slept with you, ruined your life, and taken all of your money, she will hit the road and tell everyone that it was you of you drank, you abused her, ect. The really sick thing is that she claims to be a Christian and takes advantage of Jesus loving men who trust her and are looking for a friend or someone to love. She is truly a sociopath!

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