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Shannon Lynn Duvall

My name is Shannon Lynn Duval.  I also go by Shannon Lynn Akin or Shannon Lynn Hubbell.  You see, I have a hard time staying faithful to any one man.  I am also a fan of break up marriages.  Especially ones that involve small children.  It is fine though, I have 3 daughters of my own that I manage to neglect and ignore on a daily basis; I am used to hurting kids.  I kinda get off on it, if you look at my track record!

So if you are into a “girl” who likes to lie, cheat and steal – hit me up.  I must tell you first that I have been beaten and emotionally scared by every man in my life.  My father molested me.  My first husband raped and beat me and my second husband beat me and forced me to work.  I have damsel in distress syndrome so I will say anything to get you to put your dick in me. Whatever you want to hear……..

So let me know if you are interested.  My husband, Aaron Hubbel, is cool with me fucking other guys.  He must be!  The fucking idiot – I mean the love of my life!!!! – has not divorced me yet and I am known as the “Whore of Dunn County” and “Town Bicycle of Glenwood City!”

Contact me if you want herpes – that is my specialty.

Shannon Lynn Duvall Akin Hubbell

Swing by anytime! Here is my address!

242 magnolia dr, Glenwood City, WI 54013

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