Shawn Hendrix from Clairton, PA, fresh from prison again. He has 8 kids, but only claims to have 3 and doesn’t support any. In his latest court case he and his lawyer lied in court documents stating he had 3 kids and that prior to going to jail he spent all of his time with his family and 3 kids and had a great relationship with their mother. No truth in any of that. There are 2 mothers with those 3. Anyone can go on the county website and see that 4 women have filed for support. About 10 years ago he had 3 women pregnant at the same time while another one just had a baby. A few years ago he said he was “using a dirty bartender” (his words). At that time he had another baby to someone else. While he was in prison he got caught with a woman he brought into the camp for sex. It was in the news. He needs money for many things like a car, car insurance, probably another cell phone because he needs multiple phones, his hair, drinking, a BMW and he just told me he wants me to buy him a $24,000 Jesus piece. So if any of you ladies are talking to him and want to help me out and contribute, let me know.