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Sidney Z. Haider of San Francisco, California

I have been having an on and off affair with Sidney Haider. I just recently found out that he has been screwing around with several other whores and he is even married to someone named Zara. Sidney Haider is one of the most dishonest bastards that i have ever known! Sidney Haider dick is very tiny and he can’t please any woman. Sidney Haider thinks that he is some kind of God. In reality Sidney Haider is most likely on God’s villian list. Sidney Haider always talks about some of the scams that he has been involved in. I can’t believe that this jerk isn’t doing life in San Quentin. People in general should beware of this career criminal and lousy lover. This son-of -a bitch could change a nine dollar bill into threes,turn on a dime,and give you no change! Sidney Haider uses the user name “BIG COCK”, and I can attest that that IS NOT TRUE! I couldn’t even tell that we were having sex. Sidney Haider should change his user name to “NO DICK”! When we were having sex, he got out of breath and couldn’t finish. It didn’t matter,though, because he wasn’t doing anything anyway. I have a baby by him , and the baby has a much larger penis than Sidney. My baby Hidney Haider is now 3 years old. Sidney Haider wanted me to get an abortion, but I kept my baby and I love him to death. Ladies don’t say that you weren’t warned about this creep.

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