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Stephanie Fowler of Knoxville, Tennessee

Stephanie Fowler is a manager at a store in Knoxville. My husband started working for her in September 2015. I knew immediately something was up with him. He started guarding his cell phone taking it everywhere with him even to the bathroom. I followed him to work and found him meeting her in the parking lot and hugging. The thing is she is married too and has a child. My husband and me have 2 daughters. She didn’t just ruin our marriage but hers too. I think her husband found out and she had my husband fired. because now he is broken and confused. She still has her job and her husband and kid. I want to leave with my daughters but we have no money and I feel like I’m stuck in this. Watch out for this home wrecking slut. Also she isn’t even pretty she has crooked teeth a big nose and she’s short and chunky.

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