Stephen S. Campanelli in Santa Monica, California

Stephen S. Campanelli in Santa Monica, California is never faithful, narcisstic. Stephen S. Campanelli, in Santa Monica, California, is never faithful, always has the roving eye, never happy with the woman he’s with. Narcissistic. Self-absorbed.
Craves constant compliments, attention and needs constant reassurance of how great he is. He’s all about how his image at work and how the guys view him. It’s not because he wants to make a woman feel good, loved, happy, rather himself. He views himself as a great communicator, listener and able to deal with life, but not true.
He expects everyone to bow down to him because he works with Clint Eastwood. He’s grown accustomed to this worship and seeks it out constantly from women. Falls apart when life or an emotion happens. He likes to call it drama instead. Funny cuz isn’t that what his business is? If you want to be used, ignored and neglected and cheated on for the privilege of being with him, go for it.

He’s on several different dating websites and has been for several, several years. Feeds his habit. Check out either or He goes by the username Steadione.

I’d like to say more, but you get the idea.


  1. Director Cameraman Director Cameraman
    December 31, 2015    

    He’s gaining Momentum.

  2. Coco Accom Coco Accom
    January 11, 2016    

    He’s also on Serial dater. Addicted to on-line dating sites. Spends hours a day on dating sites. Claims he’s looking for his true love, but he just wants one thing. biggest player in California. Cheap, temper, overly-sensitive and a user. He will or ll lead you on as he continues dating women from online. I don’t think he will ever settle down, no one is good enough for him and he needs to get help.

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