Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Tamara Decker of Shreveport, Louisiana

Let me start by saying no relationship is perfect. When I met the man I now call my husband I couldn’t have been any happier ever in my life. However we had our struggles. One day we was sitting outside he hands me his phone as he is getting ready to take his and my children fishing. A message comes through saying are you coming to San Antonio for my party. I ask him what’s that about he says he works with her and has known her for a very long time. No more questions from me. I tell respond back saying “no I don’t plan on it without my old lady and she isn’t gonna want to travel that far”. A message back from her saying I thought you left her. Wow my heart hit the floor I start questioning him and he says it’s nothing he didn’t tell her that his brother did. I believed him. Months went by before anything came of it again. He was away working when it got my attention that he was still talking to her. I’m at home with my son whom he has legally adopted waiting for him to come home but yet he never shows up. I waited from Friday til Monday and finally he walks through the door. He brother tells me he is with her the whole time. I ask and he blows up packs his things and leaves. Well I take the things he left behind to him a few weeks later during the time he was one he was reassuring me still it was nothing and he only wanted me he was with Noone else. The day I pull up the deliver his things she walks out the door with him and our daughters. My daughter tells me mommy that’s not daddy new girlfriend but she slept in bed with him last night. We are married now and stronger then ever. This girl is still trying to contact my husband from that mess. She is the biggest whore around from what he says. I feel so sorry for the girls who has ran across this girl. She is a money hungry thing and is out for who ever will take care of her. Be very aware her plans are extremely different from a real womans. She got the money she wanted but I got the man and my kids home.

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