Tara Miller, Westminster, California

Tara Miller only likes you if you have cash. She pretends to love the cock, but secretly loves pussy. She has been known to jump in front of a moving vehicle to try to keep you from leaving. Seems normal for a few months, and then the crazy comes out. Seems very chill, laid back and funny, but after she’s comfortable, will take your credit cards, fuck your friends (male & female), and will threaten to kill herself or you if you just want to go home to sleep. She’s a closet anorexic. She will try to go after you if you have a nice car, nice phone, nice house…whatever shows you’re loaded. She’ll be extra interested if you like someone else first. Had a cat, not sure if she still does, but the thing hates her. She will deny it is hers, or even having a damn cat (I am allergic). Crazy bitch, she jumped onto the hood of my car to get me from leaving, called my buddies up to ask if I was cheating (wasn’t) and even went so far as to tell my ex-girlfriend that she and I were getting married (weren’t). If she asks you for money to get make-up/nail stuff, tell her no. She will copy your credit card numbers down to make online purchases. She will pretend her cell phone is dead when she’s really fucking someone else. Found that out the hard way when I found the hotel payment on my bank account. She only wants your money and someone else’s dick/pussy, but she will keep using your dick, just to pay for someone else’s dick/pussy. Beware, run, hit the next exit, I don’t know, JUST SAY NO!

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