Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Taryn O’Connor of Shelbyville, Indiana

This homewrecker started messaging the husband and the husband was open about it at first with the wife stating they were friends. The wife asked the husband to stop messaging her even though they were friends. The husband said he wound stop but continued to message the “friend” and it secret for months without the wife knowledge. The wife found after the wife decided to check the husband phone after some time and noticed the messages from the “friend”. At that time the husband left the 15 year relationship to find happiness. He left behind a son and step son. The husband has lied to everyone including his wife and kids telling them the wife knew about the messages. The husband denies there was any type of relationship and the “friend” and him were only texting. The husband decided to make the relationship official with the friend and recently moved in with her. I am writing this only after reading the my friend the wife’s blog online (www.innerwallsblog.wordpress.com) This homewrecker being homewrecked before needs to be put in her place. She wrecked an entire family out of selfishness and greed

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