Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Thomas Arnette, North Carolina

Thomas Arnette is a known compulsive liar, narcissist and cheater. He cheats on every girlfriend he has had, and they are always mediocre at best. Except his wife, who he never cheated on – at least not the first 5 years to knowledge. He definitely lied though , about his job, his character, personality and his past. He is a fraud, a fake, a loser and a grandmas boy. He has never worked a day in his miserable life and uses his grandmothers money to act like he has something. It’s pathetic . She even does his laundry still and he is well over 30. How pathetic . How did he get his gorgeous wife ? He lied to her and she found out the truth after years of not knowing but couldn’t up and leave him without a plan because he threatened her . Stay away from this loser! He is a deadbeat , pathological liar, abusive and deeply insecure.

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