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Thomas Wayne Melton, Independence, Missouri

I want expose Thomas Wayne Melton. This man is very very nasty. This man is very crazy. He will lie to your face. he raped me, he would threaten to kill me if I went to police. He told me if i dont go back out with him, he will post me on cheatersrus.com and badbizreport.com and he also told me he will f**k my life up. Him posting this lies will ruin my reputation if anyone reads or even sees it and he knows this. He said when i get done posting about you, know one will want you or even trust you. There was one time I cought him in bed with a black man. This black man was f*****g him in the a*****e. He’s a big-time thief and con artist. This man even stolen from him own mother. This man is a child s*x offender and has stds and been arrested for rape years ago. Last 3 places he had rented he had stolen the furnace and stove and refrigerator and bets landlord out of 3 months rents, then he will move again do the same thing. This man can not be trusted. He always has s**t stains in his underwear. I even found him listed on poopreport.com his ex had posted him on there years ago because he has s**t stains in his underware. I don’t understand how any woman would want to go out with man like this.


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