Today I will share a sad story of a 24 year old homewrecker who not only wrecked my home, but wrecked my mind. Vanessa was the niece of a friend of mine and my husbands, although close in age for a niece and an uncle we are 34-35 and when we speak of maturity those are worlds apart for most people but for this pathological, systematic homewrecker this is exactly her MO. My husband is a combat veteran with PTSD that had recently began to affect our lives drastically. He was drinking out at the bar nightly and I was home dealing with the murder of my 21 year old cousin who was then dumped in the desert where she rotted for 19 days. In addition to that I also started a business and was working literally 20 hours a day and raising three kids. Needless to say this was not a great time in our life and I knew we were growing apart, but my husband was the most honest, loyal, and trustworthy man I knew there was no way he would betray me and his family so I was convinced. Obviously I was proven wrong. See over the past 7 years my husband was the hero in his group of softball players. He was handsome, stern, made good money, and had the morals and values every man should have. His personality alone commanded respect. I knew all these dumb girls swooned over him but like I said I had never met a man like him and I trusted him fully. Over the previous 18 months I did begin to see changes in my husband besides the drinking including, anger, hypervigilence, numbness to emotions it was clear he had PTSD and it was getting worse. I saw the way baby Vanessa looked at him but never would I have guessed the conniving shady hoe she truly was. Also, my husband had always had a type. Skinny, blonde, white, big fake boobs. Standard I suppose but she did not fit in any of those categories. Also, my husband used to date women older than him because he said girls were too immature. Besides She had been to my home, accepted as one of the group and even seen as a mini version of me. I guess my husband thought so also. On September 18, 2016 again this shady hoe was at my home for football kickoff. Everyone was drinking and although I tried to join them I just wasnt feeling it that night. As I am in another room I hear her ask MY HUSBAND to dance in MY HOME. My husband declined twice and when I got up to go into the other room to laugh about it with him I find her grinding her flat ass on my husbands leg and my husband trying to walk by. I clearly flipped out and her and her friend left along with my husbands friends. He was extremely drunk and pissed and this fucking guy left too. I sent a message to Vanessa asking her what the heck she was thinking and of course she went on and on about how she was sorry and that the other three girls were dancing with guys and so Tony Asked her to Dance now remember folks I am 100% sober and I heard the hoe my self ask him. When I corrected her she said yeah I am sorry I am just so drunk. I tracked him to his friends home up the street drove there saw her car was there too but again I figured my husband just needed to cool down and was drunk but not a piece of shit cheater. Well guess I was wrong. I knew something happened that night, women always know but I didnt think Vanessa until we went to a charity event together the following week. She was actually pissed to see me there. She looked hurt that my husband would bring his wife. I knew something was up so the following day I sent her a message asking if she was okay? This stupid bitch told me she was upset over work and how she had always admired me and wanted to be just me. I began to mentor the girl who slept with my husband. I even arranged to bring her to a board meeting with me so she could have the exposure. Little did I know the night before I would expose her in a different light. My husband had just returned from a specialty program for combat PTSD vets to work through why they do the things they do and infidelity was part of this 6 day retreat, but he never told even his peers. Additionally, they must have continued some type of relationship from September 18th through till November when I knew for sure because she was texting him. I came home my husband was already sleeping and when I bent down to kiss him good night I saw a message come through from this bitch. I flipped out and yes I did become violent with my husband. His reaction confirmed my fear. As if done in perfect timing her uncle who was our friend and HER HUSBAND (yes she has her own husband) had gotten a Text from an out of state number telling him that his 35 year old friend was sleeping with his 24 year old niece. He immediately confronted her and him to which I was told they both said they enjoyed each other’s company. Isnt that nice I am sure there was lots to talk about given their common interests in getting drunk. My husband couldnt deal with being viewed as a failure or less than perfect in addition to his PTSD and he left our home, then came back, then left. His reasoning and thoughts were all over the place and although he is more guilty than she is in this scenario like a true idiot I took him back. He was doing much better, life was moving on except of course I didnt trust him for anything. I went through his phone found she was still messaging him asking how his Christmas was, which clearly meant how is your marriage. I again confront this slut and she again gave me some scripted statement about remorse blah blah blah. Several weeks later my husband who had stopped drinking for over a month decided he was going to drink again while he and I were at a get together with a totally new crowd since I am mortified at how stupid I must look. Well one drink quickly became excessive and he and I got into an arguement and he took off walking. He was less than 6 blocks from our home but Oh No he did not go home he called the homewrecker and this girl picked him up and took him home with her. Again I tracked him and he said he had no one else to call and he was mad at me but they didnt do anything but seriously does any of that matter at this point? This guy came home and now we live like that didnt happen but I seriously hope the baby homewrecker does not think I have let all of this go. Just like their dumb assess always getting caught, there is a time and a place for everything. And yes if I was reading this post I too would think I should leave. I would think what the hell is wrong with me, but what I can tell you is this. It is very difficult to put the man I married and have known for 7 years in the same body of the man who my husband has become over the past year. PTSD has destroyed and quite possibly killed my husband and only left this embarrassment of a man behind but I am not ready to give up on who he was. I need the homewrecker to go wreck someone else’s home while I try to brave these waters with my husband or for now the shell that is left.